Honour Based Violence

Honour Based Violence




Honour based violence encompasses various offences. It is a collection of practices, which are used to control behavior within families or social groups to protect perceived cultural and religious beliefs/honour.

Honour based violence effects women, men, boys and girls of all ages.


Cultural acceptances do not mean accepting the unacceptable behaviour.


Honour based violence is a desire to control behaviour, these can include but are not limited to:-


Sexual behaviour – that is seen unacceptable in family or community. This can include who someone dresses, behaviour that is seen to be too westernised.


Emotional control – such as not allowing the victim to attend school or learn English. Preventing the victim having any one on one contact with anyone, control over the victims Visa status and controlling the freedom of movement, threatening to call the immigration office, or holding/ destroying immigration papers.


Physical Abuse– This can involve parents, siblings, husbands, in-laws, etended family and wider community. These can include threats to hurt the family in the home country.


Financial Abuse – There will be a control of the income and the victim maybe refused any money.


Within Honour Based Violence there is an element of collusion between perprators, members of the family, extended family or wider community.


Abuse can occur when the perpetrators perceive that the relative has shamed the family or community by breaking their “honour code”.


Honour based violence can be fatal. It is important to remember that families do kill in the name of honour.