Our Objectives

New Leaf is an established  charity set up to provide accommodation, and support to domestic abuse victims and their children (where appropriate) to a safer and more positive future.

Charity Company Number is 7754800.  Charity Commission Number is 1150552 .

Swale has the 3rd highest level of deprivation of all the 12 districts in Kent, with a population in the excess of 131.000 and increasing.

  • We have provided accommodation for domestic abuse sufferers since 2006 in partnership with Swale Borough Council and Swale Domestic Violence Forum. This was a pilot project.
  • Due to its high demand and lack of other provision, this charity will provide safe emergency accommodation in the form of one dwelling initially, in conjunction with Swale Borough Council. It will provide a quiet, comfortable and safe  environment for the benefit of domestic violence victims and their children.
  • There are a high number of domestic violence victims needing help and support to escape physical and mental abuse and lots of other related abuse. This charity will initially provide a ‘safe house’ on a licence agreement with a long term intention of providing permanent housing for the family through local landlords. 
  • We are successfully gaining funding by holding charity fund raising events and donation, however we will be  applying for funding to  support the full cost of the project so that it is self sufficient and able to meet the required needs for the women that are being housed by the charity.
  • The property provides everything required for a family. This  includes beds, food, furniture, toiletries, toys, clothes, additional security measures etc
  • Refuges do not always accept  boys over the age of 14. We accommodate  all children stay with their mothers in the property as this will then enable the abused victim to leave the perpetrator without worrying about the children being separated.
  • Refuges do not  often have spaces for  large families. we can accommodate up to 4 children.
  • As all councils have a duty of care for families in an abused situation, this project provide an opportunity for the client and children  to go to a safe property if refuge is not an option. This  in turn allow the organisations time and the facility to help support her and break the cycle of abuse.
  • We  to link in with other agencies, children’s centres and health centres to help the domestic violence clients.
  • Our clients  receive support and advice with moving on with their lives. They  achieve financial independence and have time and space to allow them to start a new life away from the perpetrator.
  • Abused victims cannot always have access to refuge space, so this property  provides much needed accommodation for someone who is in an emergency situation.
  • At the present moment we have over 17 women with their children in properties away from the refuge which we support in an emotional capacity and in a variety of different ways. This decreases resources needed by local Domestic Abuse Charities and local authority by not having to place them on a housing register, or use B and B or refuges.
  • As we  have a passion for helping domestic violence victims, we as a team are able to assist with a moving on project by working towards permanent housing , once the clients have moved on we still continue  with the support.
  •  We are trained fully trained and have a wealth of experience with domestic abuse.  
  • The local council assist clients  by applying for benefits or rent deposit if appropriate.
  • We work in partnership with all  organisations to help anyone wanting to move on with their lives by employment or self employment or indeed volunteering
  • We have many skilled people and organisations willing to assist with this project to ensure its success.
  • This project is not just about housing and support for women and children whilst escaping abuse, but a long term goal to see it through to the end to provide a safer environment for children and mums with steps towards a more positive future and making a difference.
  • We have completed extensive training in Domestic Violence, Stalking, Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriages, Human Trafficking, FGM, and Child Protection.
  • This charity and the different type of refuge accommodation  is the first of its kind in the UK.