Training testimonials and Letters of thanks

Training given to Midwives


“Brilliant breakdown of the types of perpetrators.”


“Very informative and have a clear insight into the characteristics of abusive partners and how to recognise signs of domestic abuse”


“Yes, it was interesting to see how different perpetrators can be, I just thought all men who commit domestic abuse as the same. The other eye opener for me was the question in the quiz, ‘what is the reason for domestic abuse, drugs/mental illness etc. To hear someone say none of these, none of them is acceptable. Yes that’s right but no-one had ever said that to me before. It made me feel that I had been colluding in the excuses men give.”


Feedback from a lady who has attended the freedom programme


“I just wanted to say the biggest thank you… for helping me to turn things around in 2016. This time a year ago I was a wreck… I truly thank you because you was the turning point of a new happy life for us all”