MARDA & Drop ins

MARDA is our Multi-Agency Response to Domestic Abuse.

We run a weekly drop in & appointments. They are:

 Every Wednesday Afternoon

MARDA drop in

Offering Free legal advise, support or just a chat.

1.00pm to 3.00pm

Church Street, Old Science Block Sittingbourne,
Kent ME10 3EG

 We offer appointments during opening times

Offering Free legal advise, support or just a chat.

Call us on 01795-608028 for appointments.

Church Street, Old Science Block. Sittingbourne,
Kent, ME10 3EG

If you are suffering from Domestic Abuse we can support you with Counselling, Mental Health Support, Housing, Legal Advice, Refuge and much more. For examples go to our Why choose us page.

We offer Advice & Support to advance & protect the Physical, Mental, Sexual & Reproductive rights of young people from FGM practicing communities.

We take action to support Women who have undergone or are at risk of undergoing FGM, by giving advice and making appropriate referrals.

Therapeutic Parenting Support Service “Rewriting The Family Story”.

All our venues provide a quiet safe space where you can come along for advice and support in confidence.

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