Commonly asked questions

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  • Will I lose my children?
  • What’s a Refuge Like?
  • How will I manage with no money, I don’t have a job?
  • I wasn’t hit, so can I still get help?
  • Will Social Services get involved?
  • Will I have to go to Court?
  • Why won’t he just leave me alone?
  • Do I have to let him see the children?
  • Can I get him out of the house?
  • What help is there for the children who have witnessed it?
  • Will the Courts believe me over her?
  • Where can I get an order to keep my partner away?
  • How long will you support me for?
  • Where will I go if I leave? I am scared he will find me.

These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. As each client’s case is different, the answers may vary to. For the answer to your questions please go to our How We Can Help page and find a safe way for you to make contact with our Support Workers to advise you and get the answers you need.

Keeping Safe and Digital Stalking

Regardless of the type of abuse, all abusers seek power and control of the other person and will use various methods to achieve this.

Whether they use Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Sexual, Financial, Coercive or Controlling behaviour keeping safe is the most important thing when trying to break the cycle of the abuse.

Everybody’s needs and situations vary and may require different advice and support to achieve this. To make sure your needs are met and that you are kept safe, New Leaf are here to do that.

Our experienced support workers can advise you in a variety of ways, including Physical Safety Plans, Digital/ Cyber Stalking, Keeping Children and Family Safe, Property Safety and Social Media Safety.

Remember Keeping your mental health safe is paramount.

For support and advice to suit you please go to our How We Can Help page.

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