How we can help

New Leaf are here for you, making you the centre of everything we do. Supporting your needs.

Whether you are self-referring, asking a question, wanting to join one of our programmes or Well Being Courses, or a professional wanting to refer and help to support a client.

How we’ve helped others

I went to New Leaf with just the clothes that I stood in. I had my four month old baby with me and just her things that I could get in my car.

They were brilliant. They made me feel safe and spent the whole first day working with housing to get me temporary accommodation and sort out my benefits. They had a store of clothes and found plenty to fit me, along with bedding and towels. And they provided me with a travel cot for my baby to sleep in. They even gave me a voucher for the food bank.

I don’t know what I would have done without them. They also made sure that I had continued support.”

In my culture leaving your partner often means having to leave your whole family too. It’s not easy and you need real help.

New Leaf have connections with other agencies and teams to help make this possible. There are no ends to what they will do to make people safe from Domestic Abuse, whatever type it is. They really care and make you feel important.”

New Leaf supported me when I needed them most. I completed their Phoenix Programme which was brilliant, it really felt that my life was back on track. But when the course finished, I felt lost like there was a hole in my life.

New Leaf responded to my feedback and the others in my group by setting up Well Being programmes like cookery, arts and crafts and even a safe, small gym that we could use.

It’s turned my life around. I have made real friends and learnt new skills. Now I am even thinking of studying for qualifications to get a job in something that I enjoy. I can help others then and give something back.”

Breaking free from abuse can really affect your Mental Health. I suffered badly with anxiety, which in turn made it very hard for my children.

Thankfully, New Leaf supported me through it. They arranged counselling for me and worked with my children’s school to get them the help that they needed.

Nothing is too much trouble for them. I now feel able to cope with life again.”

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