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Our Multi-Agency Approach

The New Leaf Team put your needs at the centre of everything we do. This means treating each client as an individual and providing a service bespoke for your needs.

Working with a multi-agency approach ensures that you get the best possible outcome for you and your loves ones, remaining safe and supported throughout.

You might wonder how this works and even be concerned that someone else outside of New Leaf will know your business. All the agencies we work with comply with Confidentiality Protocols and the Data Protection Act.

“How can I make my property safe, now that my partner has left?”

We work closely with the Fire Brigade, Police, Keep Safe and Staying put. All of these can assist in different ways to make your property safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.


“My partner has left me with debts and we have got behind with the rent. I don’t know what to do”

Our One stop shop is held at the New Leaf Office in Sittingbourne. We have links to Citizens advice, DWP looking at Benefits, DAVE support for male victims. Our links with Swale Borough Council Housing can also assist in many of your housing concerns.


“My real concerns are my children. My partner told lies about me to the Police and now I am worried what will happen”

Our support workers regularly does visits with Early Help and Social Services. Having someone from the team there can help to bring clarity and reassurance to you. It can be a positive experience.


“I have so little money left at the end of the week, that I can barely afford to feed the children. I often go without so that they can eat

New Leaf Support have their own food bank running 10-12 on a Wednesday. No vouchers needed just come along, complete a short form, please bring your own bags.


“I have thought about leaving and going to a refuge, but I wouldn’t know where to start”

We work closely with Clarion who provide refuge space all over the country and the Swale Borough Council Housing Team. Our support works can also advise and assist you with this.


“I have been told that if I get a Non-Molestation Order against my partner, I will have to go to the court. I don’t think I would be strong enough to do it, I don’t want to see him”

Our support workers can help you apply for the order and then attend court with you. The connections we have at the court mean that you will be able to wait in a separate room from your partner and it is even possible to be able to have screens in the court, so you don’t have to see him.

Our Domestic Abuse One Stop Shop runs every Wednesday 1-2pm at the New Leaf Office for more information call 01795-608028.

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