The New Leaf team

New Leaf became a registered charity in 2013.

The vision of its founder and continuing volunteer.

Hasmita (Hasy) Reardon

Hasy volunteered for another domestic abuse charity where she not only supported clients for 7 years but was also a vital member of their board
of Trustees.

The valuable experience and knowledge that she gained throughout this time opened her eyes to a sector of women and children that were falling through the loopholes, by not meeting the criteria for the standard refuge accommodation. Thus, causing them to remain in an abusive relationship.

Being a successful woman in the world of property investment, Hasy decided to provide a property that fulfilled this need and has since gone on to provide vital respite accommodation for many individuals and families in Swale.

This innovative idea was the first of its kind in the UK and is just part of what makes the New Leaf Support Team unique.

Hasy now has as an amazing team that is expanding and growing with the charities needs and challenges. The team consists of Volunteers, Staff and a Board of Trustees.

Their immense experience in the field of Domestic Abuse and qualifications also include:

  • Legal qualifications, family law and civil orders
  • Housing legislation
  • Benefit and Finances
  • FGM and Immigration processes and laws
  • Systematic Family Therapist
  • Phoenix Programme trainers and facilitators
  • And a vast array of practical skills to offer clients.

All of these are underpinned by a highly motivated and qualified support team, who obtain vital funding and donations to make our services possible.

Together we work as a team to offer the clients the highest quality of support and advice to break the chain of abuse, without judgement, or discrimination.

Assisting each client to turn over a New Leaf in their life.

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